Cloud platform overview

What is the cloud?

Cloud computing means storing and accessing software programs and data over the internet. This differs to traditional on premise software which is installed on your machine. Big Red Cloud’s accounting software is hosted on a cloud platform to allow you and your business take advantage of this technological advancement.

What does it mean?

Hosting our accounting software on the cloud means allowing you to access your accounting records from anywhere, at any time, provided you have an internet connection. This flexibility is proving powerful for busy small businesses. Think of it like signing into your email account. Want more information? Download our guide to cloud computing.

Microsoft Azure

Big Red Cloud accounting software is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Azure is a world leading cloud platform with over 19 Microsoft managed data centres working to keep Big Red Cloud accessible and 100% secure for you at all times. Find out more about Azure.


We take the security of your accounting records very seriously. That’s why we chose Microsoft Azure as our hosting partner. Take a look at our security overview to get a comprehensive feel of how protected you are with Big Red Cloud and Azure.

View our security overview