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By helping the people who need it most the charity sector in Ireland makes a real difference to thousands of people every day. At Big Red Cloud, we appreciate the work that you do which is why we offer a 30% software discount to all charities.

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Any organisation that is set up and managed solely for charitable purposes and depends on charitable donations from the general public or private individuals will receive our 30% discount off our easy to use online accounting software.

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Without question, the economic and social climate of the past seven years has brought about massive changes, in particular the amount of monies available from both public and private sources. The Charities Act 2009 has contributed to the mix with increased financial reporting requirements.

To help our charity customers get to grips with the Charities Act 2009 we published a guide with specific emphasis on Sections 47 to 54 which covers the financial reporting requirements of registered charities in Ireland. This easy-to-read guide can be downloaded here. Please feel free to share with your colleagues.

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Take up our offer – you can buy discounted accounting software for your charitable or not-for-profit organisation that will help you meet both the demands of fundraising in 2015 and the financial requirements as laid down by the charities act.

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