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Big Red Cloud and Xelda: Payments Integration Registration


     Xelda big red cloud

Big Red Cloud is proud to announce our partnership Xelda.

Xelda is a fintech company that specialises in payments. In summary it retrieves Supplier Information and Purchase book entries from BRC. It enables users to make payments to those suppliers, and those payments are then pushed back to  the Payments Book in BRC.

Benefits to using Xelda:

  • Batch pay suppliers and contractors in seconds.
  • Say goodbye to hours of admin manually entering amounts and IBAN details.
  • Say goodbye to authorising payments one by one.
  • Pay and reconcile your invoices instantly.
  • Automatic reconciliation.
  • Automatic remittances.
  • Welcome to effortless payment runs.
  • 10X faster payment runs.
  • Full clarity on who has been paid, how much and when.
  • All your invoices and payments in one place.
  • Eliminate mistakes.


To register: 

  • Xelda big red cloudIt will ask you for an ‘API Key’. To get this: 
    • Log into Big Red Cloud with your ‘Administrator’ login details. 
    • Before opening your company, click the ‘Administration’ button (along the top of the screen). 

Xelda big red cloud

  • Click the ‘API Keys’ tab (on the right).Xelda big red cloudapi key button - Xelda big red cloud
  • Select the relevant company on the left (if you have more than one company).
  • Click ‘Add’ (at the bottom of the screen). 
  • Type a ‘Description’ of your choosing e.g. Xelda
  • Click ‘Save’. 

Xelda big red cloud

  • This will generate an API Key with a string of letters and numbers. 
  • Back to the ‘Sign Up’ screen (from earlier), once you click the red ‘Sign Up’ button, it will bring you to the ‘Onboarding’ screen:


  • You can now contact your Big Red Cloud sales to complete the registration process on 01 204 8300


Xelda Payments and Big Red Cloud Integration: Signing in


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