Create & Send Invoices On The Go!

Keep track of your customers and transactions, and send invoices straight from your smartphone.

Raise & Email Invoices Straight From Your Phone

With the Big Red Cloud app you can quickly and easily create and send invoices, as well as monitor your customers and transactions, all from your smartphone.
Our Mobile Invoice App enables you to raise and send an invoice from the floor of your customer's premises. With the help of the app there is no need to wait to access your laptop or go back to the office. What's more, with the Invoicing App brand new customer accounts can be added or you can look up the balances of existing customers.
For businesses that have to issue invoices in order to get payment, it makes perfect sense to take full advantage of technology, such as our invoicing app, that helps you to raise and send invoices. The net effect - you get paid quicker. 

Create & Send Invoices

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Create & Send Invoices On The Go!

Our app was designed so that you can easily raise and email an invoice as soon as the work is done with a personalised message. This is critical as it helps to avoid what's called 'invoice drift' which is the time that elapses between completing the work and raising the invoice. 

Get paid quicker by sending invoices quicker


Saves time - raise and send invoices even with your customer in attendance. No more hours spent back in the office trying to figure out who owes what.
Saves money -  by issuing invoices as soon as the job is done, you ensure you are not adding to the number of days the invoice is due for payment. This is called invoice drift and costs small businesses millions of € every year.
Improve customer service - believe it or not but lots of businesses appreciate prompt delivery of an invoice for the product or service that they consumed. Late invoicing can cause issues with cash flow so  speedy raising and sending of the invoice is dead easy with the app.

Please note, you need access to a valid Big Red Cloud licence to use the mobile invoice app.

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