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Big Red Cloud – Introducing Our New Logo








We are excited to announce that we have a new logo for Big Red Cloud, Ireland’s #1 Cloud accounting software for small businesses. Our new logo reflects our brand identity, values, and vision for the future.

Our previous branding has been a witness to numerous successes, and we will cherish the memories and achievements it has brought us. It represented our origins as Big Red Book, a desktop accounting software that we launched 30 years ago. It also symbolised our transition to cloud technology in 2012, when we became Big Red Cloud, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that allows users to access their accounts anytime and anywhere.

However, the commitment our team has made to delivering the highest quality and most up to date package possible to our customers deserves to be represented by a face equally as up to date.  Here at Big Red Cloud, we are always updating our systems to provide the highest standard product to our customers. This rebranding aims to represent this constant pursuit of excellence through change.

So, with that, we present to you all the new logo – a symbol of our dedication to always providing a high quality and up to date product. We are sure that this new logo will bring just as much success as the previous one did. We look forward to the promising future ahead, embracing the opportunities that come with our new logo, and, of course, continuing to serve our valued current and future customers. 

We hope you like our new logo as much as we do. We are confident that it will help us stand out from the crowd and reinforce our brand identity. We are grateful for your continued support and trust in Big Red Cloud. Together, we can achieve better business accounting.

As we embrace our new logo, we also want to celebrate our journey so far. Here are some photos of the good times we had over the years 📷

Big Red Cloud

Big Red Cloud is a leading supplier of cloud based online account’s software to the SME market. Our online account’s software is simple and easy to use and takes only minutes to set up. It is designed to enable smart business people get on with doing what they do best which is to sell their products or services. We believe in giving exceptional value by including multiple users, unlimited transactions, telephone, email, live chat support and free access for your accountant and bookkeeper, all for a low monthly fee. Join over 75,000 businesses that have already made the smart move and get your business up and running with Big Red Cloud’s online accounts.