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Alex is a digital marketing executive who works in the marketing team to promote Big Red Cloud's online accounting software. Apart from continuing her studies in digital marketing she enjoys social media, travelling, and shopping online!

Jingle all the way to the bank: Managing your business profitably during the holiday season

The holiday season is upon us. You’ve prepped all your inventory, you’ve done your staff rota, your seasonal advertisements are printed. Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and dig in. Here are our top tips to come out the other side of the holiday season profitable and ready for the New Year. ‘Tis [...]

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7 Reasons Your Small Business Should Launch a Mobile App

If you don’t have a mobile app in today’s ever expanding digital universe, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity, even - dare one say - a modern business necessity. Research shows that mobile users spend 90% of their mobile online time on mobile apps rather than the mobile web. Yes, there are thousands of [...]

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Back to Black on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Small businesses continually face challenges in Ireland today. In 2016 today, research by the Central Bank of Ireland highlights access to credit as one of the major challenges encountered by the SME and small business sector. How does a small business maintain excellent cash flow with little credit and still reap the benefits of Black [...]

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Ireland’s Big Red Cloud & Westcoast Partner in Deal Worth Over €2m over 8 Years

Big Red Cloud, Ireland’s leading supplier of accounting software to SMEs, have signed an agreement with UK & Ireland IT distributor Westcoast. The deal will see Westcoast, who have a network of over 5,000 resellers throughout the UK & Ireland, distribute Big Red Cloud to all reseller customers – who will then be able to [...]

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Sponsor for a Day 2016 Up and Running

It's that time of year again as entries are now being accepted for the Bank of Ireland Sponsor for a Day 2016 competition. Now entering its fourth year, the competition is open to small and medium enterprises with the grand prize for two businesses (one from Leinster and one from Munster) to sponsor the Leinster and [...]

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Budget 2017 – Our Competitors Must Be Laughing….

From a small business perspective there was an air of positive expectancy leading up to Budget 2017. And rightly so. The Dublin Startup Commissioner, Niamh Bushell, and her team delivered a pre-budget submission to the government explaining the urgency for change to share options. Surely this was now the time for the government to take [...]

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10 Cyber Threats To Be Aware Of

Being aware of the nature of cyberattacks and cyber threats and their potential sources are just the first steps in protecting your business from them. It is critically important to understand your potential vulnerabilities. After all, the strongest and best protected front door is of little use if the back door is left open and [...]

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Wyldsson Doubles Funding Requirement On Kickstarter

This post is about Wyldsson and it's also not about Wyldsson. It's really to draw your attention to the potential of crowdfunding and the Kickstarter platform in particular, and how you can look to this 'alternative' funding platform the next time you are considering the design/launch of a new product. It makes perfect sense and [...]

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Digital Dún Laoghaire Sets Sights on 450 Jobs In Two Years

As previously reported, a number of initiatives are attempting to create an environment to promote and facilitate job creation. The Portershed, Galway's first startup hub and the Ludgate@Skibbereen startup hub initiative, are two examples where actual premises are custom fit to attract new startup companies. Digital Dún Laoghaire is a twist on this approach where the concept [...]

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Microsoft Ireland Tech Gathering With Satya Nadella

It's not uncommon to think of Microsoft as only a provider of software. You could be forgiven for thinking this as the case perhaps 10 years ago; today Microsoft is anything but. On Monday last, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft this past two years, was on stage at what was called the Microsoft Ireland Tech [...]

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