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Big Red Cloud makes day-to-day accounting painless, whether you’re processing an invoice or managing a transaction.

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Software Features

Bank Reconciliation

Easily reconcile your bank account to ensure that everything is running smoothly

Final Accounts

All the reports required for your final accounts are available with a few clicks

Audit Trail

Knowing there is an error in your accounts is one thing but finding out how it occurred is another. Big Red Cloud provides a step by step documented history of all transactions so that you can investigate errors if and when they arise. This is particularly relevant if a customer is invoiced incorrectly – you can quickly identify who made the error and when.

Track Income

Read our guide on Cash Flow or talk to any small business adviser and they’ll all tell you that it’s essential to track income coming into your business. What are the trends? Is it seasonal and do you generate more cash sales than credit/invoice sales? Big Red Cloud gives you full visibility of money coming in to your business.

Cash Book

The cash book is where transactions relating only to cash receipts and payments are recorded. Ask any business owner in the restaurant trade and they’ll tell you that the cash book is really important as they have to keep track of small cash purchases that would otherwise slip through the cracks. If your small business purchases items regularly by cash, then the Big Red Cloud cash book is a great feature.

Setup Wizard

You can use our Setup Wizard to make creating your company as easy as waving a wand. Follow the instructions on screen and within 5 minutes you can be up and running.

Motor Vat Scheme

The Motor Residual Vat Scheme is a transitional scheme whereby a decreasing proportion of Vat on the purchase of a motor vehicle can be claimed as a Vat Input Credit. After June 2010 no input credit is allowed and Motor Vehicle purchases are recorded at zero vat rate.


We’ll have you raising and sending your first invoice within minutes of signing up or you can elect to use our Mobile Invoice App when you are out and about.


Our full featured API allows you to connect to other services or even have your own software link directly to your accounts

Change/Delete Entries

We enable you to change or delete account or invoice data but we protect you from yourself. You can safely undo any accounting error with ease as long as it does not undermine any of the business processes in place. This is a feature pretty much unique to Big Red Cloud and we know is much valued by our small business community.

Track Expenditure

If you’ve more money going out than coming in, even if you’re profitable, that could be a bridge too far for your business. As with income, tracking expenditure is a critical component of managing your business. Are you paying invoices too quickly by not availing of full credit terms or are you letting invoices pile up with ensuing cash flow difficulties.


Credit sales – those sales given on credit to customers will end up in the debtor’s ledger. Running aged debtor’s reports will tell you how long monies are owing and by whom.


You can use our Consolidating Company feature to view compined P&L, Balance Sheet and Trial balance reports for your companies

Reserve Charge VAT

Value Added Tax (VAT) is normally charged by the person supplying the goods or services. However, under RCT, the person receiving the goods or services (the principal contractor) calculates VAT and pays it directly to Revenue. The principal contractor accounts for VAT as if they had supplied the service. This is known as VAT reverse charge. It applies to subcontractors involved in the construction industry only.

Bank Feed

Open banking link with Plaid to directly import all transactions from all major Irish banks. Big Red Cloud enables you to import transactions from your bank account. All you need to do is download a CSV file from the bank and with a quick 2 minute setup you’re ready to start importing transactions. Take advantage of our transaction rules feature to categorize all of your transactions exactly as you want them on demand.

VAT Reports

Manage all you VAT reporting and obligations. Big Red Cloud works in the background to automatically calculate and produce all your VAT reports. When required, just print out the VAT report you are required to submit to your local tax office.


Send full quotes to your prospective customers and convert it to an invoice in a few moments once it is confirmed.

Nominal Ledger

All entries are found in our Nominal Ledger along with a series of reports that you can view, print and save for a full breakdown.

Customer Statements

Customer statements are really important. They allow you to summarize all the invoices and payments for a customer in a single view. Generally, businesses will send statements on a monthly basis. Statements are a great tool to help customers pay faster as they can see the total invoices outstanding that they still have to pay. It also displays an overview of all transactions between you and the customer. With Big Red Cloud it’s super easy to create and email statements and print a copy to post via regular mail as well.


The creditor’s ledger will help you track the money your business owes now and into the future. Be watchful of suppliers that issue invoices erratically as there is nothing as frustrating as two invoices arriving together – it can play havoc with your cash flow.

Contractors VAT

RCT is a withholding tax that applies to certain payments by principal contractors to subcontractors in the construction, forestry and meat-processing industries. The rates of tax are 0%, 20% and 35% and will depend on the subcontractor’s compliance record with revenue. All RCT transactions are submitted through the Revenue Online System (ROS).

Remittance Advice

Send Remittances to your suppliers showing how much you have paid to them and the invoices that you are paying with it

Big Red PI

Big Red PI (Purchase Importer) enables you as a user to import purchase invoices into Big Red Cloud either via email or direct upload. This is a €168 addon

Management Reports

Run management reports from our library or you can create your own. Keep an eye on key expenditures, manage your aged debtors or analyse KPIs essential to the profitability of your business.

User Permissions

Many businesses will assign roles and responsibilities to specific individuals but there is company data that you will want to keep private. With Big Red Cloud, you can assign permissions to users for specific areas/functions.

Months 13, 14 & 15

Use the months 13, 14 & 15 to make entries for the first 3 months of your next year and use that extra time to close off your accounts without needing to rush.

Chart of Accounts

Our Chart of Accounts covers most businesses needs with no adjustments required and allows you to easily customise it to your needs.

Sales App

Our Sales App lets you create and send invoices from anywhere you have an internet connection on your Android phone/tablet or Iphone/Ipad

Margin VAT Scheme

No more calculating Margin Vat yourself. Our margin Vat calculator will help you get the figures you need for your invoicing and for ROS.

Recurring Invoicing

Our Recurring Invoicing feature takes the hassle out of your invoicing. Create an invoice once and with a few clicks set it to be created again on demand. You can even create one invoice and have it recur for as many of your customers as you want.

About Our Accounting Software

Designed to make day to day accounting tasks painless and easy

Big Red Cloud’s small business accounting software is easy to use and our cloud software is secure making sure that your data and financial records are protected at all times. VAT reports, management reports, invoicing and other useful features included in our accounting software make small business accounting effortless while our unparalleled customer support are on hand to guide you with any of our features that you may be less familiar with.

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Your financial records are as precious to us as they are to you and your business, Our secure and reliable accounting software ensures your data is protected at all times.

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Data Backups

Microsoft Azure automatically takes two backups of your data securing the availability of your data.

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Security Testing

Big Red Cloud’s accounting software has been subjected to independent, external testing to verify its security.

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Our accounting software application uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to provide you with a secure connection.

User Permissions

Our accounting software allows account administrators to define what level of access & functionality each user has to your records.

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