Big Red Cloud invoice on the go app

Invoice on the go with Big Red Cloud App

In the space of 10 years or so the way we do business has changed beyond recognition. What’s more, the speed of change appears to be increasing. Nothing stands still. When we launched Big Red Cloud in 2012 we did so as we believed there would be a big swing to cloud-based software services. We were […]

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work placement

My work placement with Big Red Cloud

Hello, my name is Steve Kosbab. I’m 20 years old and I’m from Freiberg in Germany. At home in Germany, I am training to become a managerial assistant with a special focus in construction. During the last 4 weeks, I carried out a work placement here at online accounts provider Big Red Cloud in Dublin. […]

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Lets’ talk about BREXIT!

Voters in the UK will go to the polls on the 23rd June to vote in a referendum to either stay in or leave the European Union. Commonly known as BREXIT, this referendum, according to some commentators, is the most important event in a generation for Irish business. What’s it got to do with Ireland? […]

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balance work

Three steps to help balance work and family life

Even with all of the technological improvements over the past few decades that are supposed to make our lives easier, millions of people around the world still struggle to “have it all.” Now that we are essentially tied to our jobs 24-hours a day by smartphones, we find ourselves immediately locatable by bosses, clients, and […]

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Sponsor for a Day Golf brand extension

Brand extension with Sponsor for a Day golf

Two weeks ago, Bank of Ireland announced details of their Sponsor for a Day golf competition 2016 which gives one golf club in Ireland the opportunity of having its branding on Shane Lowry at the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open tournament in the K-Club on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th May. You may recall, here at Big Red Cloud, […]

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common misconceptions

Common misconceptions customers have about small businesses

Have you ever wondered why so many people would rather buy from the large chain stores than from a small business like yours? Many small business owners automatically assume that the bigger marketing budgets of companies like Tesco or Aldi are the reason local Mom and Pop Shops have such a difficult time getting and keeping […]

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Your own business

Building the courage to take the leap into your own business

Are you sitting at your desk, daydreaming of starting your own business? So, what’s stopping you? If you are like many aspiring entrepreneurs, the thought of controlling your own professional and financial destiny is both extremely appealing and totally frightening. Taking the leap requires courage, but certain fears often creep into our thoughts when we least expect it. […]

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PR Strategy

Developing a Small Business PR Strategy for a New Launch

Many small business owners can spend several months or even years in developing a new product or service. But how much time do you take to plan the new PR campaign for the product launch? You only have one chance to make a great first impression. Planning your PR strategy well in advance helps generate […]

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Instagram Blog Post Image

6 things you need to know about Instagram for your small business

If your small business is not currently using Instagram, then you’re missing a tremendous opportunity. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then imagine the possibilities of posting several thousand. For small business owners, Instagram is the ultimate form of social media for 18-34-year olds, too. Here are six simple tips to get the most […]

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customer loyalty programme

Adding a customer loyalty programme to your small business

Successful small business owners know that it’s much easier to keep a current customer than to find a new one. It’s also less expensive. Attracting new customers requires lots of time and money spent on marketing campaigns involving everything from print advertisements to social media. Wouldn’t those financial resources be better used in other areas […]

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