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Introduction to Big Red Book Payroll

This course aims to give learners a sound understanding, to an employable level, of how to process the most common payroll conditions using one of Ireland’s most popular payroll software.



This course will be delivered 100% online using the Moodle Platform. Scheduled live Zoom support sessions will be available to supplement self-directed learning. Support is also available throughout via Moodle messaging. All material is available for download within the course. Big Red Book Payroll is available for the duration of the course.

Entry Requirements

  • Aptitude: Good numerical and communication skills are essential, including verbal and written command of the English language.
  • Previous Experience: There are no specific pre-requisites required.
  • Technical: Broadband sufficient to view video.
  • PC/Laptop: If you are using a Mac you will need PC emulator software please contact your IT provider in relation to having this installed.

Course Content

  • Title: Introduction to Big Red Book Payroll
  • Award: Introductory Certificate in Payroll
  • Awarding Body: Big Red Book
  • Indicative Hours: 24-32 hours
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Delivery: Blended – Full suite of pre-recorded material supplemented by live Zoom workshops. Tutor support via Moodle throughout.

Learning Outcomes

When the learner has completed this course they will be able to calculate gross pay, process payroll for employees on a cumulative basis, produce payslips and reports and understand the process for submitting payroll to Revenue.


Underpinning Payroll Knowledge

  • The Payroll Environment
  • Accessing MyAccount and ROS
  • Tax Rates, Bands and Credits
  • Calculating Gross Pay
  • Cumulative Tax
  • Universal Social Charge
  • PRSI

Using Big Red Book Payroll

  • Setting up a Company
  • Setting up Payments and Deductions
  • Setting up Employees and retrieving RPNs
  • Processing Gross Pay
  • Producing Payslips
  • Producing Management Reports
  • Revenue Submission Process

Please note that Intermediate and Advanced course are also available for more information on these contact

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