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Set up & settings

How to invite your accountant to view your Big Red Cloud Company

Once I enter a Supplier / Customer / Bank Account – how can I change the A/C code?

How do I enter opening balances for Customers and Suppliers with allocations turned off?

How do I change settings to allow change and delete?

I want to add analysis columns to sales book and to purchases and payments ledger, then I want to export them to a spreadsheet. How do I do this?

I have received an invitation from one of our clients to add us as external accountants - I have accepted this invitation but still do not see his dataset in my accounts listing. Could you please advise what else needs to be done.

How do I change the reference from Auto on purchase page?

Is it possible for more than one user to be working on a specific account at the same time?

Can I import my TASBooks 2 data to Big Red Cloud?

How do I enter opening balances?

How can I close any completed month to prevent changes being made?

How do I call up the Nominal Ledger

How can i add an additional user/login?

Is Big red cloud compatible with Mac computers?

Can an Analysis Category be deleted?

What do I need to do once I have migrated my Master Data from Big Red Book to Big Red Cloud?

How do I change my password?

What if I forget my password?


Outstanding Entries

What should I enter as an opening Bank Balance for my Bank Accounts?

In the Cash Book what is the difference between 'Save' and 'Save/Lodge'?

How do I do bank recs on Big Red Cloud?

How do I transfer money from one bank account to another?

Wish to make payment entries from second bank a/c how do i log into/nominate the No. 2 bank a/c?

I did my bank reconciliation, ticking off everything etc and had it balanced, but the next day when i went into it some things had 'unticked' themselves and my balance was all wrong, why had my work from the previous day not held?

My bank statement amount is different to the amount I entered. How do I correct?

How do I transfer funds from deposit a/c to current a/c when current a/c is our main active a/c?

I'm trying to print the bank payments summary page and when I do it's only printing half the page even after changing to landscape. What should I do?

Where do I enter non-supplier payments such as wages, PAYE etc?

Invoicing & sales

How do I print a Statement or ALL Statements for Customers

How do I print a list of the invoices I have created?

I want to print an invoice without having the toolbar showing!?

How do I create a credit note?

When I print my invoice the total line or last line is missing?

How do I pay off a credit invoice against an existing invoice?

How do I unallocate a payment against an invoice?

Hi, I've just refunded a customer that paid us twice. How do I account for this on the system? Thanks Lorraine

Why is the Euro symbol missing from the invoice format? How do I get it onto the format?

How do I write up an invoice?

How do I add bank details to a sales invoice

How do I issue an invoice? Each time I enter data it tells me I have not entered the net amount correctly.

Is there any way I could check back and see what statements I have sent out by e-mail

How do i email a statement from reports?

How do i change customer account codes?

How do you edit the Invoice layout?

How do I record a credit note? How do I print a credit note?

How to I allocate/ unallocated a payment against an invoice?

Purchases & bills

In the Purchases book, can you set that the invoices go in alphabetical and not by date order?

Can I move a purchase record to a different month?

What is the difference between Payments in CASH BOOK and PAYMENTS BOOK?

Year end

What reports do I print off for my Year End Routine?

How do I run a year end routine?

Is it advisable to do a backup before the year end. If the year end is completed is it possible to restore data to that company from the backup to change unticked cheques for the bank rec?

If I press restore after completing a year end will everything I have entered for that year be deleted?

If I press restore after completing a year end will everything I have entered for that year be deleted?

Hi I have entered in purchase invoices and other transactions for my financial year. In order to bring everything up to date, I need to continue entering data for my new financial year. Please confirm that I do not need to do the Year end process before inputting my invoices for the new financial year.


VIES Reporting in Big Red Cloud

I need to enter a Vat only purchase invoice. How do I do this?

I'm having trouble with the recording of an irish vat cash receipt ? keeps saying analysis is wrong ....

How do I set up my VAT on a 'cash receipts' basis?

How does BRC account for VAT on reverse charge basis?


Is Big Red Cloud Windows 10 compatible?

How to deal with cancelled cheques.

How to: Use Your System’s Default Print Dialog instead of Chrome Print Preview.

I can't seem to be able to print within Big Red Cloud?

How do I print the summary pages on one page? When I print, half of the text is missing.

How can I allocate older payments for Customers/Suppliers?

How do I update my billing details?

How do I reconcile my cheques?

Cash Withdrawls, Do they go into the cash book as a receipt or are they just put in the payments book as a cash withdrawl and do i put them into a petty cash account or general account in the nominal ledger

How do I set up abbreviations for Name and Details entries when entering a transaction?

How do I download reports to Excel?

I am asked to refresh my screen, how do I do this. I am being told that my info cannot be saved of another user ?

How do I import an excel file containing Customer & Supplier Master data

Hi How would you change the account from euro to sterling as some of our invoices are sterling amounts?

I am trying to migrate my master data but keeps saying 'migration failed - because company is not empty. How do I resolve this?

What does 'See the inner exception for details' mean?

What are the keyboard shortcuts?

Downloads are not appearing in Google Chrome?

Will I be able to access Big Red Cloud if my Internet is not connected or working?