About Marc O'Dwyer

Marc is the CEO at Big Red Cloud, the easy to use online accounting software for micro, small and medium sized businesses. Having founded the company back in 2002 with the goal of helping companies to better manage their accounts, Marc also finds time to train and compete in Ironman and triathlon events in Ireland, the UK and across Europe.

How to Team Build

  Big Red Cloud: How to Team Build There’s an age old debate between leadership versus management. Building a team that collaborates well and performs at their peak is the mission of most leaders. That’s because leadership requires the trust of your subordinates whom you influence, where management requires control over them. Team building is [...]

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How to get your customers selling for you

Big Red Cloud: How To Get Your Customers Selling For You   Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, it is very feasible with some creative thinking and the adoption of a few key principles, to get your customers selling for you.   That’s a pretty ambitious claim, but at Big Red Cloud we [...]

Tips for dealing with Business stress

Being in business is not for the faint hearted. It requires steely determination, forceful drive, long nights of planning and big leaps of faith. Often overlooked but equally important is the ability to manage and reduce stress, so that you can get up day after day and do it all over again, while maintaining your [...]

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Treat your business to new accounting software this Valentine’s Day

Treat your business to new accounting software this Valentine’s Day – and fall in love with your accounts. Make doing your books a breeze from anywhere. Still using spreadsheets or old, outdated software? Do yourself a favour. Update it to make your life easier. Dump your old accounting partner for a new love affair. What [...]

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The most common mistakes a new Business owner makes

Most common mistakes every new business owner makes One of the greatest motivations for starting your own business is independence. It can also be your greatest challenge. No one to answer to except for your commitments to get a new business off the ground. You may be the sole decision-maker. What many new business owners [...]

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How to start a new business while working full time

How to start a new business while working full time According to research by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, 1 in 10 people under 35 want to start a new business in Ireland. The average age of the promising entrepreneur is 39, which implies most have some sort of experience to back them up. Unless you [...]

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Getting investors interested in your business – how to perfect your funding pitch

There are several reasons why you may be looking for investors to fund your small business. You may not be able to obtain a bank loan and need the seed capital to start your venture. Your business may be in full operation yet you need working capital to purchase equipment, pay employees or rent a [...]

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The Startups Awards Service Business Finalist 2015

As a sponsor of the Startups Awards, now in it's 12th year, one of the hardest but most exciting challenges is being a judge where you have to sift through many excellent entries to distill that down to a shortlist of 6. This year was no different from 2014 and indeed previous years, where the [...]

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How to prepare a cash flow forecast

Cash flow forecast is a pretty important topic and you'll have come across some of the previous stuff we published. In fact, we wrote a whole guide about it. Why have you written so much about cash flow? You might ask that question, and the answer is because it is vital to the survival of [...]

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