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The Abbreviations file does not feature on the Setup menu and is only to be found in the Lookup facility.

At various times when entering transactions into the accounting software you will need to enter either a description, a name or some relevant details to help explain each transaction. For instance, when entering details of wages cheques you would want to enter the name of an employee, e.g. Joe Smith.

The Abbreviations facility in the accounting software is designed to save you having to type the same text repeatedly. Using this feature you would set up Joe Smith in the Abbreviations file and, upon keying the letter ‘j’ when entering the name details, you would be ‘offered’ Joe Smith from the Abbreviations list. However, you are not restricted to names. You could set up texts for any recurring detail, such as ‘Bar Sales’, ‘Cancelled Cheque’, ‘Collector General’, ‘Customs & Excise’, ‘Lodgement No.’ etc.

Apart from saving you keystrokes this feature can, perhaps more importantly, help you standardize how names and descriptions are entered. If Joe Smith is used in the way described above, then Joe Smith is exactly what will appear as part of the description of every cheque for that employee, rather than as “J. Smith” sometimes and “Smith, Joe” etc. at other times.

To Create Abbreviations:

  1. In the Lookup Screen click on the Abbreviations tab.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Into the one-line box type in the required text (maximum 40 characters).
  4. To save the Abbreviation click Save.

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