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Purchase Importer

The Big Red Cloud Purchase Importer is a subscription service provided by Big Red Cloud.

If you have subscribed to the Purchase Importer, it would be recommended that you set up your suppliers for it before beginning to use it.

To do so, go to ‘Lookup’, click ‘Suppliers’ and click on ‘Change’. From here you will see the Purchase Importers settings.

First set the ‘VAT Reg’ to match the VAT Registration number that the supplier includes on their invoice.

You can then set the default ‘Analysis category’, Default ‘Nominal Account’ and the ‘Purchase Type’ PFRS or PNFRS (Purchase For Resale or Purchase Not For Resale)

To use the Purchase Importer open the ‘Purchases Book’.

In the ‘Purchases Book’ you will have a new button at the bottom of the screen for the Purchase Importer.

Once you have Clicked the “Purchase Importer” button it will load the new Purchase Importer window.

You will see headings along the top of the grid for the invoice details and action buttons in the red bar along the bottom.

The headings are below, the first two appear once a file has been uploaded, the remainder are filled in once an Invoice has been processed if it matches an account or manually if it does not.

  • File Name – The name of the uploaded invoice file.
  • Status – The current file status. Uploaded, Processed and Transaction Created.
  • Period – The Month tab the invoice will be created in.
  • Transaction Date – The Date from the invoice.
  • Account – The Suppliers Account Code
  • Name – The Suppliers Name
  • VAT Reg – The Suppliers VAT Number
  • VAT Rates – The VAT breakdown from the Invoice
  • Analysis Category – The Analysis Category used for the transaction
  • Nominal Code – The Default Nominal code assigned to the Analysis Category or the one set on the Suppliers Account

Action buttons:

  • Upload Documents – Opens the window to select your invoices.
  • Process Documents – Takes all of the ticked Uploaded documents and sends them for processing. Processing the documents will read the invoices details and match the invoice to the details on the Suppliers Accounts.
  • Create Transactions – Takes the ticked Processed documents and generates the invoices in the Purchases Book.
  • Download Documents – This allows you to download a copy of an invoice.

Uploading Documents #

To upload supplier invoices to Big Red Cloud click on the ‘Upload Documents’ button.

When you click on ‘Upload Documents’ it will open a window that allows you to select your invoices for upload.

Once you have located your invoices you can select them individually or by holding Ctrl and Shift on keyboard while selecting invoices you can select multiple invoices at once.

Then Click on ‘Open’.

This will upload the invoices to Big Red Cloud.

Processing Documents #

Once the invoices have been Uploaded they then need to be Processed.

Processing the documents assigns them to the Supplier Accounts where the details match those on a Supplier account and will break the Invoice Total down over the VAT Rates and Analysis Category.

To Process your Invoices you tick the box to the left of the ‘File Name‘ for each one that you wish to send and click ‘Process Documents’ at the bottom of the screen.

Once you click on Process Document the Purchase Importer will start running through the invoices one at a time and the text under the status heading will change to ‘Processing’ and then ‘Processed’ once it has finished.

The invoices should then be assigned to the correct Supplier Account based on the Suppliers VAT Reg number or, if that doesn’t find a match, by comparing the Company Name on the invoice and Supplier Account.

You can also click into any value in the grid to manually adjust it if needed.
e.g. If you click into the Account Code cell and click on the drop down it will bring up your list of Suppliers.

Once you are happy that all invoices are pointing to the correct supplier account and totals are correct click on Create Transactions.

Creating Transactions #

Once it has completed creating the Invoices the status heading will update to Transactions created.

You will get a conformation message confirming the number of invoices that have been created and the value of all invoices created.

You can now go to your purchase book and view the purchase book entries created using the Purchase importer.

If you click View on a transaction created using the Purchase Importer there will be a new button. View Document.

Click on View document and it will display the invoice for that purchase Invoice.

If you wish to download a copy or multiple copies f invoice go to Purchase Importer tick box for any Invoice and click on Download Documents.

If you are downloading more than one invoice it will download them in a zip folder.

The Purchase Importer will display all transaction uploaded to the Purchase Importer.

You can filter through these by clicking on Filters.

In the example given Above Status has been selected and looking for all invoices that have been “Uploaded” but not yet processed or created.

In the example Below user has added an additional filter.

So this search is looking for all transactions that have been created and with an account code that equals PAN01.

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